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Creative Kit : Art and Craft Kits for ages 9 to 10

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Product Details
  • This kit contains an instruction book, templates and art and craft material for 32 activities.
  • Activities cover subjects like shading with pencils, oil pastels and paint, colour theory in detail, learning to draw, Zentangle and doodling, optical illusions with drawing and collages, science and math in art and craft, world art, 3d quilling, Agamograph, and paper cutting.
  • The activities help children learn art and craft styles, and develop skills such as visual skills, self-actualization, planning, logical thinking, reasoning and self-expression.
  • The kits are quite "material heavy" using a variety of materials to make activities as engaging as possible.
  • All activities are supported with step by step video tutorials. These allow for minimum adult supervision as children can follow the video and do the activity independently. Because of the content and guided video teaching, it’s almost like having one-to one art and craft classes!
  • All material comes neatly packed in labelled fuss-free packaging using bio-degradable and compostable bags which vanish after their useful life under all climatic conditions. These are in accordance with government regulations.
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