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Creativity Is An Instinct

I've always felt a strong connection between my creativity and my instincts.

The concept of every human being born creative got me wondering if it's true or not- are we really stifling our creativity as we grow older?

Society is structured in a difficult way- the 20th century brought innovation and industry, at the cost of human nature.

We are so different from animals now, but our instincts remain the same.

You see trends that are trying to take us back to nature- veganism, entrepreneurship, living off grid, "alternatives".

Chasing some sort of freedom from the rigidity of the rat race.

So what makes me, a creative individual, different from everyone else?

I've dedicated my life and career to it- it's a muscle I strengthen every day. I'm blessed to afford this lifestyle.

It is simply being aware that I can practice creativity and improve myself as time goes by.

I like being able to connect the dots and come up with original solutions to the problems around me.

Creativity makes me curious about the world and I explore weird topics that help me in the long run. I'm curious about lifestyle, DIY, plants, science, nature, technology, finance, logistics and so many things, because 1 thing lead to the other and now I hold a wealth of knowledge that helps me out in strange and wonderful ways.

Follow your instinct, and where you find joy you will find creativity. They are interconnected.

With enough practice, you will learn to enjoy bigger challenges- just like all the nerds on TV who seem to enjoy their work so much! Even Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Ratan Tata have all experienced this, they've learnt to merge what they enjoy with what makes them money and doing that requires creativity.

Change your beliefs about creativity, and the world will open up :)

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