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Gandhi's Monkeys

Have you ever wondered why 'monkeys' is spelled M-O-N-K-E-Y-S and not -IES?

English is such a strange language!

Gandhi's 3 Wise Monkey's tell us to

-See no evil

-Hear no evil

-Speak no evil

A set of rules to help you achieve peace!

Our craft is a quirky way to remember this-

Here is the tutorial:


Supplies you need:

- Glue

- Brown paper ovals

- Brown paper circles

- Cream paper ovals

- Brown paper strips

- Green paper leaves

- Twine

- Banana cut outs

- Googly eyes

- Cream paper circles small

- Cream paper ear cut outs

All required materials are available in our VIBGYOR kit "G". Contact us on +91 8080 777 006 to order yours now!

If you don't have our kit, you may use these templates below. Simply print them out on to A4 paper.

(Cream paper)

(Brown paper)


1) Stick a brown circle to the top of a brown oval.

2) Glue on the mouth piece.

Draw a smile and 2 dots for the nose.

Glue on the ears and some eyes.

3) Accordion fold 4 strips of paper. Stick a small cream circle to the ends. these are the hands and feet.

4) Glue the arms and legs to the monkey.

5) You need 3 monkeys.

6) Glue a banana cut out over the mouth eyes and ears of each monkey. Then glue the hands over it.

7) Use tape to stick the monkey to the twine rope. Tape the rope to the back of each monkey.

8) Stick a leaf around the monkeys and hang it up where ever you like!


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