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Colour Theory- What It Is & Why We Need It

Colour theory is both the science and art of using colour. It explains how colours mix, match or contrast with each other. Colours also communicate a message or an emotion.

The colour wheel was designed by Sir Isaac Newton and is the tool designers use to develop colour harmonies and palettes.

With the addition of hue, shade, tint and tone the range of available colours goes into millions.

Intentionally using colour

Colour impacts our thought and feelings- designers are taught how to create a mood with colour palettes.

Red i passionate, blue is calming, yellow is playful etc.

Each colour has a unique message to convey.

Colour theory is used across all creative fields;

Interior designers customize their palettes to express their client's personalities

Fashion designers can convey a fun or serious aesthetic:

Food stylists can make meals look appetizing

Wedding planners can describe the couple and their families with the correct use of colour:

Colour psychology in branding

Brands rely heavily on the right use of colour- it subconciously communicates the brand wants to put out.

Often, food brands will use red and yellow as they make us hungry.

Brown means reliability and warmth, green shows fertility and health while purple means mystery.

Colour conveys complex messages in a simple way and the correct use of it can put forth the right representation for your vision.

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