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The Real Power of Education

What is education, really?

Education is not getting a degree.

Education is knowing how to use the resources you already have, to make the most out of life.

Education requires you to:

-Apply yourself

-Stay curious

-Find answers and solutions to the problems in your life.

"Being educated" is a mindset. not a chore.

Education is about eradicating helplessness- You can take control of your destiny.

You can educate yourself independently, privately and almost for free.


By using phones and their internet connections.

A phone with internet is the most powerful educational tool available.

And they get cheaper and more accessible every day.

If you have a problem, anything at all- just ask Google.

I cannot tell you how often I've typed a silly question into the Google search bar. But there are always answers there, and this practice has helped me tremendously.

There are no silly questions- only problems and solutions.

For the first time in human history, information has become accessible to all.

Can you imagine what the world could look like if every single human knew how to solve their problems?

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Gracie Johnson
Gracie Johnson
Nov 11, 2022

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