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Japanese Lamp

There is something very pleasing about the dim light emitting from lamps.

This is for when the lights go, or can even be used outdoors.

Watch the tutorial here:

Supplies you need:

- Ice cream sticks 10cm long, 55

- Craft sticks 20cm long, 8

- Gate way paper or tracing paper 10cm x 18cm, 4 pieces

- Thick paper for the top (use the template provided below)

- Satin ribbon 3mm

- Metal connecting rings (optional) - these are small rings of 8 or 10mm diameter used to connect jewellery parts.

- Paper strips 3mm 15cm long, 4 pieces

- Glue

- Scissors

- Paint

- Transparent sticky tape

- Stapler

All required materials are available in Orangecraft's VIBGYOR kit "Y". Contact us to order yours now!

1) Paint one side of all the sticks.

2) Place an ice cream stick between 2 craft sticks as shown. Stick them together.

3) Stick more ice cream sticks below the first.

The gap between 2 sticks is the same width of an ice cream stick.

4) Make 2 types of panels-

-With the ice cream sticks stuck to the very top and bottom of the craft sticks

- With the ice cream sticks in the opposite positions i.e. the ice cream sticks are stuck where the gaps would be.

You need 2 of each panel.

5) Glue gateway paper to the back of each panel.

6) Slot the panels into one another to form a square. Secure with sticky tape.

7) Assemble the top- I've simply stapled the pieces together. Then paint to match the body.

8) Make 4 tassels from ribbon. Attach a connecting ring to each if you have them. Pass a paper strip through the top of each tassel.

9) Attach tassels to each corner of the top. Use sticky tape to secure them.

10) Finally, glue the top to the body. Let it dry comepletely.

Use the lantern with a tea light inside!

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