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Cutout Shapes




Orangecraft makes creativity easy. 

Our activities are specifically designed to to help EVERY child finish the project. No matter how simple or complicated the activity is, we make sure that each step is well described, the videos are detailed and that the required materials are adequately  provided. We believe every child is not just creative, but can also make something amazing.


We design activities for schools and develop activity kits and teaching aids for children from Nursery to the 8th grade.​


The complete kit is supplied to each child. All our kits contains a book with complete instructions, drawing book and art/craft material to complete the projects.

As schools are now focusing on online teaching because of the COVID-19 epidemic, we decided to support teachers and parents by making video tutorials for all our activities. This will help the teaching process and allow the children to complete all their activities even from home.

Why you need Orangecraft

Why you need Orangecraft

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