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Absolute Essential Craft Kit

Buying a DIY kit is one thing, but no matter what project you take on, there are a few craft items you absolutely need to have around the house.

Not only will these come in handy when the bought kit runs out, but it will help you elevate projects and give you the option to be creative whenever inspiration sparks!

1) A good pair of scissors- they can be safety scissors, but they need to be able to cut through card and satin ribbons.

2) A craft knife- not everything can be cut properly with a pair of scissors, a knife will come in handy when cutting straight edges on paper, or intricate templates. With a little practice, you will be glad to have it around!

3) Transparent tape- this is 'Cello' tape to us in India, and it really beats waiting for glue to dry!

4) Glue- A good student grade white glue like Fevicol or Camlin's White Glue is non replaceable!

5) A mechanical pencil (pen pencil)- all outlines and drafts can be made with this, it always stays sharpened. Just remember to keep the lead refills handy!

6) An eraser- a simple non-dust eraser like the one that comes free with a box of pencils is great to have around. The little one on the back of your mechanical pencil will prove to be useless very quickly.

7) A sharpener- you need this for coloured pencils and in case you don't have lead for your pen pencil!

8) Paint- any kind works, water colours, acrylic colours or poster paints. Paints work much better than coloured pencils or crayons for most projects- they save you time, give brilliant colours and provide good coverage.

9) Paint brushes- Don't use the brush that comes with your water colours! Buy a #3 round brush and #2 flat brush. You will probably use these the most.

10) A black permanent marker- it is essential to have this to create black outlines!

11) Black gel pens- same function as the marker, but for thinner outlines and details.

12) A metal ruler- use this with the craft knife while cutting paper, score lines or use it as a guide to crease paper.

13) Transparent plastic ruler- when you need to measure, you will need to see whats under the ruler. Hint- do not use your craft knife with the plastic ruler, you will ruin its edge!

14) A stapler- there are times when nothing but a stapler will work and the frustration of not having one handy always gets to me!

15) Plain white paper- regardless if it comes loose or in a blank sketch book- plain white paper combined with all the other items on this list can result in magic!

All these items are very affordable and most will last you years. They also come to good use every so often around the house! So invest in it and make your life just a little bit easier!

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