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Bag Charm

This adorable keychain is sure to jazz up any old back pack!

Here's how you make it:

Supplies you need:

- Animal silhouettes cut out of card or thick paper

- Glitter

- Glue

- Key chain ring

- Some metal rings to connect everything

- Wool

- Beads & small pom poms

- Needle

- Office hole punch machine

You can find all the required materials in Orangecraft's VIBGYOR kit "Y". Contact us to order yours now.

If you don't have our kit, use any animal silhouette from the internet, like one of these:

Simply print and cut them out of thick paper.

1) Stick multiple animal cutouts together until it's about 2mm thick. Then punch a hole near the edge around the center of the animal.

2) Cover the entire thing in glitter- do this by first applying glue, then sprinkle on the glitter and rub it onto the paper. It will look white and cloudy at first but the glue will dry transparent. This technique will prevent the glitter from constantly falling off.

4) While the cut out is drying, make a tassel-

wrap wool around your hand several times

cut the wool stands

tie them in the middle

fold in half

tie a piece of wool around the 'neck'

trim the ends so it looks neat.

5) Thread your needle and pass the it through the middle of the tassel. Tie a knot at the end to secure it.

6) Thread some beads and pom poms over that.

String a metal connecting ring and pass the needle back through a couple of beads.

Tie a knot here to secure the beads.

7) Attach a small piece of chain or some connecting rings to the animal cut out.

Attach the beads and tassel

Finally, put on the key chain ring.

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