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Hexagon Tray

This craft has been very popular in 2020!

Taking something as simple as ice cream sticks and turning them into a stylish object is what this is all about.

Not only can this become a tray, but if you take away the base and hang it on the wall. it's a shelf.

If you replace the base with some butter paper- its a light shade!

Hexagons are very trendy at the moment, a lot of people put many together to create a beehive pattern.

Here's how you make it:


- Ice Cream sticks: 72

- Hexagon Base cut out

- Stencil with a design

- Paint

- Glue

All materials are available in our VIBGYOR craft kit 'O'. Please contact us to order yours now!

You may use the template below, simply print onto an A4 sheet:

1) Begin by placing an ice cream stick along one edge of the template. Apply glue to one end, stick another ice cream stick to it while maintaining alignment with the template. Create a ring of ice cream sticks. Remember to glue them together as you work!

2) Continue to place the sticks one on top of the other until they are 12 layer high.

Let all the glue dry thoroughly.

Paint the hexagon.

3) Paint the base and add a detail in the center with a stencil.

4) Glue the ring to the base to complete the tray!

You can paint this in any colour to match the things in your house.

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