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Note Book with Strap

I've practiced this craft a few times already- every book I make always feels extra special and even makes a wonderful gift!

There are several techniques around but this one has been simplified to help you create the best 'original' style note book in your first attempt!


Supplies you need:

- A4 paper: 20 sheets

- A4 patterned or colourful paper : 2 sheets

- A3 coloured paper

- Strip of coloured paper

- A5 Cardstock: 2 sheets

- Wool or strong thread

- Needle

- Scissors

- Self adhesive velcro: 1 hook and 1 loop piece

- Glue

- Ruler

1) Fold the A4 papers in half- make sets of 5 sheets. Each set is called a 'signature'

2) Mark 5 points on the spine of each signature- I measure 1cm away from both the edges, then marked the point in the middle, then made the points between the middle and the end.

Use a pair of scissors to make a tiny slit at each point. The hole should go through all the papers and should be large enough for your needle to pass.

3) Stitch the papers together in each individual signature.

4) Use wool to tie the signatures together where the holes are.

5) Arrange the extra wool pieces neatly over the front and back. Stick a strip of paper over them.

6) Fold 2 patterned papers (with the pattern facing the inside) in half. Stick one each to the first and last pages, covering the wool and the paper strip.

7) Now glue a piece of card to the front and back of the book.

8) Cover the book with a large sheet (A3) of colourful paper.

9) Cut out a strap from some scrap paper and stick one end to the center of the back of your notebook.

Stick the velcro bits to the other end and glue that to the front.

Add some slits to the strap so it can hold a pen.

This notebook lies completely flat, making it very easy to use!

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