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Paper Quilling Magnets

Paper quilling is honestly one of my favorite crafts- it's so diverse and you can make so many things I feel like I'll never be able to finish all the projects I've seen online!

These are some simple fridge magnets that do a great job cheering me up every time I walk past them.

Here's the tutorial:

Supplies you need:

-5mm thick Quilling strips in many colours

-A quilling needle (a quill?)



-A template or photo to follow

You can find all the required materials in Orangecraft's VIBGYOR kit "G". Contact us to order yours now! You may call/Whatsapp message/ email us!

I've uploaded a template for you to use, simple print it on to an A4 sized sheet of paper.

1) Roll up some quilling strips of your choice and form them into the shapes needed for the magnet. Use a combination of tight and loose coils, then pinch them into the necessary shapes.

2) Assemble the shapes together to form the final magnet shape.

3) Finally, paint a coat of glue over the entire magnet. Let the front dry before painting the back! Stick a magnet to the back and they're done.

You can make an endless number of shapes, just a simple search online will show you similar magnets in abundance!

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